Live Casino Games

Live casino online lets you stake your hard-earned money on thrilling games right at home, without having to go to the casino. No longer waiting in line for hours at the casino, no more lugging your quarters around the dealers table, no more sitting in uncomfortable chairs at the poker table to play a few games. Now you can play your favorite games from the convenience and comfort of your very own computer. There are no fees to play, no deposit required and no limits, so what could be better?

Live casinos also offer a game show experience to their players, which may include a number of promotions not available at a normal casino. For instance, if a player is playing roulette, he or she may be offered the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas with the purchase of one or more spins. The purchase could come with complimentary drinks as well, such asiced tea, coffee, chocolate or any other form of refreshment. There are many promotional offers and promotions going on all the time at online casinos, as they want to woo new players and keep the existing players coming back to play. The game show experience is a great way for players to meet other players and get to know the latest trends in online gambling.

Another popular promotional offer at live casinos is the “lucky dip” promotion. This promotion is a special deal set up for VIP players only, whereby players can take a chance on winning big jackpots during a specific time period. The lucky dip is exclusive to VIP players and is not available to regular players. Sometimes the lucky dip involves a number of different games, all of which are included in the promotion. A “lucky dip” players usually doesn’t stand a chance of winning a regular jackpot, but may be able to win a much larger one, since the odds of winning are much lower.